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Christianity or Gnosticism in Christianity have two unique texts that have stories about Adam and Eva: the Nag Hamadi "Apocalypse of Adam" text and the "Adam Covenant" text. Without teachers we wouldn’t be nurses shirt. The creation of Adam as Protanthropos, the first person, is the central idea. The Maniist Gnostic sect believed that the Protanthropo were "World Souls", (Anima Mundi), sent to fight against darkness. The "Fall" means the primitive man given to the devil and sunk in darkness, with the Universe being a whole that exists as a means to bring the original Adam from Darkness. The sexual relationship between Adam and Eva is considered a way to darken light. "Mani said, 'Then Jesus came and told the man who was born, who was Adam, and ... made him afraid of Eva, taught him how to restrain her (desire), and forbid him to come near her. ... Then the man (male) returned to his daughter, Eva, and had sexually lustful sex with her, he had a son with her, a distorted shape and a red skin. , and its name is Cain, Red Man.

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