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Lincoln understood that the power of the Federal Government to free slaves was limited by the Constitution, that the constitution, before 1865, gave this right to states. Don’t Be A Salty Bitch shirt. At the beginning of the war, Lincoln tried to persuade states to accept freed slaves (but only applied by Washington, DC). He rejected requests to limit the release of slaves by geographic area. On June 19, 1862, with Lincoln's support, Congress passed laws prohibiting slavery across federal territory. In July, the second bill was passed, establishing a sequence of judgments to proceed to free the slaves of convicted slaves in support of the rebel faction. Although Lincoln did not believe the Congress had the right to free slaves in state territories, Lincoln approved the bill to show support for the legislature. He felt that the president in the position of commander in chief of the military could use the constitutional right to act in the state of war to enforce the law, and he planned the action. Even in June, Lincoln discussed with the content cabinet the Declaration, in which he wrote, "as a necessary and appropriate military measure, from January 1, 1863, every individual was considered slaves in Union states, from now on and permanently, free. In private, Lincoln insists that he cannot win without freeing slaves. However, the Alliance and anti-war elements propagate that freeing slaves is a barrier to the unification effort. Lincoln explained that his main goal as president was to protect the unity of the Union
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