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The Hungarian revolutionary movement (1848-1849) failed, Kossuth Lajos and his comrades fled to the Ottoman Empire to flee. Lady Skull Sunflower shirt. Seeing that, the empires that destroyed the Hungarian revolution, Austria-Hung and the Tsar, urged the Sultan to submit to the Hungarian revolutionary them, but he refused. The rejection of the Turkish King caused him to be admired by European liberals. According to a folk tale, in 1845 Ireland fell into severe hunger. Famine has claimed the lives of 1 million people. Seeing that, King Abdül Mecid I declared he would send £ 10,000 to Irish farmers. However, the Queen of England, Victoria, suggested that he only send £ 1,000, because she herself only sent £ 2,000. The Sultan sent £ 1,000, but at the same time secretly sent three boats full of food to aid Irish farmers. The Empire of the British Empire tried to stop these boats, but the Ottoman sailors brought food to Port Drogheda and left them there.

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